Sons of Portugal

About Us

Our Mission:

Nossa Terra Apparel’s sole purpose is to provide patriotic designed T-shirts that reflect our heritage, culture and Portuguese pride.  With this goal in mind, I set out to provide what I believe is a void our people face, T-shirts and other apparel that reflect who we are.  Instead of the static soccer t-shirt that is so common on our children’s back, I seek out to replace it with something that will invoke an emotion and a connection to our homeland.

Who Am I:

My name is Luis Ferreira and I was born in Vila Franca do Campo on the Island of St. Michael, Azores Portugal.  At the age of 3 my parents immigrated to the United States and settled in Cambridge, MA in 1978.  Growing up in a mostly Portuguese community I was surrounded by our traditions, our language, and most importantly our feasts. 
As I grew so did my passion for my heritage and all things Portuguese.  My believe is that we need to continue our traditions and pass on our language to our children and their children.



In 2011 I completed one of the oldest traditions (520 years) and accomplished a Romaria.  A Romaria is a walk with other brothers sacrificing our our self’s for the purpose of good in mankind.  I followed my ancestors, grandfather, and father to accomplish this mission to pray for humanity and for my own personal wishes.  8 days and nearly 200 miles one becomes more in-tune with his true inner self and comes to understand what is sacred in life; family, friends, and our people.  Again, in 2012 I traveled back to St. Michael to complete another pilgrimage to give thanks for God’s oversight of myself and family.  I mention this accomplishment about myself because this is what has given me the passion to make a difference.  Small as it my be, seeing others proudly show their heritage by a simple t-shirt is reward enough.



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Nossa Terra’s name was chosen because it directly translates to (Our Land).  Saying our company name in itself will in a very small way keep the Portuguese words alive for generations to come.

Our Goal:

To give all people what they can’t find anywhere else, interesting and unique designed apparel with the emphasis on Portugal, Azores, Madeira and all Portuguese speaking people.  Nossa Terra hopes to give to the world what Portugal once did a new path to our future.  Viva e Nossa Terra!


Welcome to Nossa Terra, where our home is where you belong!
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